We bike the Arctic Circle Trail in Greenland.
200km/125mi. Glaciers to coast. Best time: March.


Luggage transport, nightly accommodation in heated cabins or tents


High quality, specially customized Fatbikes by ``Transalpes`` made in Switzerland


Led by certified Swiss biking guides, assisted by a local team

We ride the full 200km of the Arctic Circle Trail from te inland ice to coast, traversing some of the most beautiful scenery of Greenland. The journey takes us over virgin terrain from Kangerlussuaq to Sisimiut. A trip for true explorers and adventurers.


Fatbike Greenland
After flying from Copenhagen to Greenland, our adventure starts as we bus to the Russell Glacier. Blue ice, tinglingly cold: prepare to have your breath taken away. We then wheel the first 28km of our journey, arriving in the the 400-strong village of Kangerlussuaq, home to some of Greenland’s most diverse fauna.

In Kangerlussuaq, we meet our crew with the snowmobiles for our luggage and food.

The next five days we are travelling the Arctic Circle Trail: flat, frozen lakes with two challenging climbs. Starting with the 60km “pinnacle” leg, we progress slowly on the frozen fjord before the track becomes slightly hilly. The subsequent legs at 23 to 37km (per day) are relatively short but can be quite though when there is fresh snow.

We will spend our nights in heated cottages, surrounded by incredible nature and if we’re lucky, the Northern Lights.

After 5 days, we journey back to the modern world, arriving in Sisimiut to a warm shower, a winter safari and a boat trip through floating ice.


What can I expect?

You know that feeling, when you sit down and look at the world around you.

That feeling when you realize you can’t imagine anything more breathtaking.

No cars, no houses, just you and the glaciers and the wide.

The silence. The stillness. The blue.

And your Fatbike.

That beauty, that clarity, that adventure. That is what we experience. That is what you can expect when fatbiking Greenland.


24. Feb - 06. March 2021 (reserve date)
07. - 17. March 2021 (few places left)
02. - 12. March 2022 (reserve date)
09. - 19. March 2022 (main date)


Intermediate fitness and technical requirements needed


6 nights in hotels, 4 nights in basic heated cabins or tents


5960 EUR per person in a shared double room

Group size

Minimum 6, maximum of 10


Day 1

Arrival: individual flight to Copenhagen, transfer to hotel, meet and greet, overnight stay in hotel.

Day 2

Copenhagen - Kangerlussuaq: Flight to Greenland. Transfer by bus to the Russell Glacier, return to Kangerlussuaq by bike. Total: 26 km.

Day 3

Kangerlussuaq - Kanoo Camp: Longest day stage. The first 13 and last 10km are flat, in the middle we come face to face with some hills. Total: 60km.

Day 4

Kanoo Camp - Equalgeamiarfik: Easy day's stage with 17 kilometres of flat sea crossing. Total 33 km.

Day 5

Equalgeamiarfik - Tesia: 250 meters of climbing at the beginning, then flat-ride afternoon. Total: 22 km.

Day 6

Tesia - Lake Camp: Mostly downhill to Lake Camp. Total: 34 km.

Day 7

Lake Camp - Sisimiut: Steep rise at the beginning, afterwards pictoresque and hilly ride to Sisimiut. Total: 23 km.

Day 8

Sisimiut: Day with great outdoor activities around Sisimiut.

Day 9

Sisimiut: Day with great outdoor activities around Sisimiut.

Day 10

Sisimiut - Kangerlussuaq - Copenhagen: flight to Copenhagen.

Day 11

Flight home.




Head Guide Greenland

Bo knows Greenland like no one else. He organizes boat trips, snowmobile excursions and diving adventures. He also owns a rescue company. We are travelling with the perfect man.



Swiss Certified MTB Guide

Dominik has travelled many countries in the world and has guided for our company trips in Marocco, Nepal, Mustang and Ladakh. Greenland for sure is the coldest and one of the most impressive one.


Fatbike Greenland is an adventure of a lifetime. We make sure that the trip is an enjoyable and safe experience. You are in safe hands.

abenteuerreisen.ch GmbH

Switzerland-based company with more than 25 years in the travel industry, specializing in adventure trips to Northern Europe, the Himalayas and South Africa.

Martin, the owner, joined the first Fatbike tour as our photographer.
abenteuerreisen.ch will do all flight and hotel bookings, and provide you with a confirmation. The abenteuerreisen.ch crew will answer any of your questions regarding the trip




Domestic Flights

Economy-class flights from Copenhagen to Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut to Copenhagen (including all taxes and 20kg of lugagge).


2 nights in a 4-star hotel in Copenhagen, 1 night in a basic hotel with shared bathroom in Kangerlussuaq, 4 nights in basic heated cabins or tents, 3 nights in a 3-star hotel in Sisimiut.


Breakfast on days 10 and 11, half board on days 2, 8 and 9. Full board incl. non-alcoholic drinks from day 3 to day 7.


All transfers in Copenhagen and Greenland and all excursions according to itinerary.


Certified Swiss biking guide and local crew from Greenland.


Snowmobiles for evacuation, rescue services and emergency plans.


A detailed itinerary with packing list, information about the climate, the trip, and Greenland. You will travel well prepared.


Voluntary meeting in Switzerland four weeks before the trip. Meet your guide and your fellow travellers and have all your questions answered.


Call us if you have any questions or doubts. We'll call you back, free of charge.


International Flights

Return flights to Copenhagen, Denmark are not icluded. You need to organize these yourself. You need to fly to Copenhagen, there is no other way to reach Greenland by air.


Single rooms are only available in Copenhagen, Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut at an additonal cost of 450 EUR.


Lunch and dinner in Copenhagen, lunch on days 2, 8 and 9, dinner on day 10 and alcoholic drinks.


Fatbike rental in Greenland costs 500 EUR for the trip. If you want to bring your own bike, calculate around 400 EUR for the transportation on the domestic flights.


If you're happy with your local crew and guide, give them some tip.



What are the Terms and Conditions to book the trip?

Read all the small print here: Terms and Conditions.

Do you need a down payment?

In order to block your space, we are asking for a down payment of 2000 EUR before the trip starts. If you cancel, the full down payment will expire. We recommend you buy a travel insurance to cover these cancellation fees.

What kind of insurance do you recommend?

We recommend to buy an insurance from World Nomads (https://www.worldnomads.com). They cover biking, cancellation, rescue etc.

Do I need a passport to enter Greenland?

Although Greenland belongs to Denmark (EU) a passport is required for entry.

What is the climate like in Greenland?



The climate in Kangerlussuaq is subarctic, bordering on polar continental, with the area receiving very little rainfall.




Sisimiut lies within the polar climate region. The average temperature is 10 °C (50 °F) or lower throughout the year. The coldest months on average are February and March which have average highs of −10.2 °C (13.6 °F) and −10.1 °C (13.8 °F) respectively.

Is the cold a problem?

At night it gets down to -30 °C but the days are with around -10° to -15° C less cold. We prepare our clients perfectly for the journey. As a rule, you prepare for a bike trip like this as you would for a ski trip. At night we stay in dry, heated huts.

Is Greenland safe to travel?

We won’t see any polar bears (unfortunately) on our tour, since the animals stay near the coast. But our dogsled guide carries a gun, just in case. And for fun.

Do I have to carry all of my luggage while biking?

No, we each carry only one daypack on our tours. Your large travel bag is transported for you onto the next night’s rest place.

Can I just rent the fatbikes from you?

No, we do not rent the bikes without an accompanied tour. We feel responsible for you and feel that travelling in Greenland without support is very irresponsible and dangerous.

Do you run private tours for only two (three, four, five) people?

Greenland is a very expensive place to travel. Therefore it does not make sense to organize the tour for small groups. The minimum size for a group is six. If your budget is not a problem, please get in touch with us anyway.

What should I take with me?

You will get a full list of suggested equipment upon booking the trip.

Is there internet in Greenland?

Yes, there is. We have a connection in Kangerlussuaq and then again in Sisimiut. We don’t have internet during the 4 days in between. Same for mobile phone access.

Do you carry a first aid kit?

Yes, we have a first aid kit containing most common medications. Please bring your own personal medications as required.

How much cash do I need during the trip?

The meals in Copenhagen cost around 30 to 50 EUR, a bit less for lunch in Kangerlussuaq. Around 300 EUR in cash should cover all your expenses during the trip.

Can I take a shower during the trip?

There are shared bathrooms in Kangerlussuaq with hot showers. There are no showers during the Fatbike trip (don’t worry, we’ll all smell good together), until we arrive in Sisimiut on Day 8.

What do we have for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

We eat in restaurants in Copenhagen, Kangerlussuaq and Sisimiut. On route, we bring all the food and our crew will cook for you. For breakfast we have coffee and tea, bread and butter, cereals and milk, meat and cheese. For the second (and longest) stage, we will provide a packed lunch. For the other stages, there will be snacks on the way. Hot tea, soup, energy bars, almonds and nuts, bread and sausage. We have pre-cooked dinner in the huts that we bring from a restaurant in Kagerlussuaq. There’s meat, rice, potatoes, vegetables etc. If you have any special meal requirements, you can let us know when signing up for the trip.

Can I wash my clothes on the trip?

The first opportunity to wash your clothes is in Sisimiut. We suggest bringing enough clothes to avoid washing altogether. There is no need to change clothes during the biking trip itself.

Can I charge my camera / phone / tablet during the trip?

We bring a generator that supplies enough energy for everyone to charge their batteries. Keep in mind that batteries die a lot faster in cold temperatures. Bring enough spare batteries with you.

What if there is an emergency?

We travel with two snowmobiles that also carry special wintersuits for each client. If we are suprised by a snow storm or need to rescue a client due to health conditions, we can always reach a town within 4 hours by snowmobile.

I travel alone. Can I share a room?

We try to find a room partner for you if you travel by yourself and don’t wish to have a single room. In this case, you will be sharing a twin room with someone of the same gender.

What does "intermediate fitness and technical level" mean?

The longest stage is 60km/37mi. The other stages are anywhere between 19km/11mi and 37km/23mi. We have enough time during the day to cover these distances and we are not in a hurry. If you are cycling on a regular basis and if you are used to bike a couple of days in a row, you are ready for this trip.

We ride on flat surface most of the time, so technical level is not very demanding. We deflate our tires during the uphills and can always hike up if the ascent is too steep.

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Rainstrasse 35a, CH-6314 Unteraegeri, Switzerland

+41 41 750 26 65

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Interested in this trip? We would love to hear from you. Send us your contact details and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.